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Responsive Web Design

Show your business to the world with a website that looks great on all platforms, from desktop down to mobile.

Print Design

Brochures, flyers, magazines, business cards, advertisements, posters, or anything inbetween - we can design it for you.

IT Consultancy

Do you need an upgrade, repair, or replacement? Looking to expand your IT systems? We can offer you advice and oversee the installation of many types of system.


A selection of projects.

Ilkeston Life

Ilkeston Life

Website Design


Website Design

St Mary's Church

Website Design

Georgio's Fish and Chips

Menu Redesign

Express Car Wash

Advert Design

Daily Bread

Flyer Design


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  • Start


    In the Beginning...

    EMBITS began with a network installation and the development of a corporate website. Word spread, and we soon had clients in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, and Birmingham.

  • Phone


    The small screen revolution

    As the smartphone ecosystem exploded, it soon became apparent that digital designs had to be compatible with smaller screens. Our first responsive site was developed in 2005 - before anybody even called it "responsive web design"!

  • Newspaper



    Whilst our core services remained directly IT related with hardware maintenance and website hosting/design, we expanded in to published design areas, including flyer/leaflet design along with magazine and newspaper layouts.

  • I for one welcome our robot overlords

    2015 onwards

    Building for the future

    For our web design and coding work, we build on top of establised frameworks in addition to creating bespoke hand-crafted code. We design for the future, with the belief that nothing should become obsolete purely by age.

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    Going to be

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